Live Long, And Prosper

All I’ve done is work, it’s true. And the “k” key is sticking on my keyboard.

Live Long and Prosper


Today, I’m taking a day off to really enjoy my new circumstance, surrounded by boys I love, making pancakes, making Christmas dinner, kissing cats. Of course I am longing for Miss Fish as well. If only!

Evan and Liam Playing Games

We went for pizza at Pi last night, and the boys were playing Pokemon Showdown. Bill was busy looking like a film director.

Bill Star

I hope to be caught up to the point of being able to communicate soon. Literally all I have done for the past month is run from one deadline to the next. Yesterday morning at 6 am, I made the bus to the airport by -10 seconds; it had to wait for me as I ran across Alvernon Road with my suitcase.

It’s just been like that… and it’s hard to live that way. So soon, I hope for a bit of a grip.

In the meantime, Live Long and Prosper.

Merry Christmas

11 thoughts on “Live Long, And Prosper

  1. Nothing says Christmas more than the Enterprise shuttle! ha ha ha! We are the envy of all the geeks in the family…so much so, that it may become an item to bequeath! AS WELL IT SHOULD BE!

  2. I love seeing your Enterprise shuttle ornament on the tree. As I believe we have discussed before, I have the Starship itself, complete with blinking lights (circa 1993). How did I not know there was a Spock ornament?!

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