happy winter solstice

I’ve been working so steadily for the past week that I haven’t had time for anything except work and sleep. Happily, almost all of the difficult work I needed to do here at my studio is now done and in a few days, I’m on to the fun part.

I was reminded tonight that the winter solstice is traditionally a time to evaluate the balance in your life, and to set goals to live and love. A time of rebirth. For whatever reason, solsticey or not, I’m feeling it.

I’m so pleased about the upcoming year. I’ll be spending most of it with these three, locations various, but starting off, as I haven’t done in many years, to ring in the New Year.

Liam, Evan and Bill McKinnon, Christmas 2012


I got out of the habit of spending New Year’s Eve with Bill because he always wanted to have the TV on to watch the stupid ball drop in Times Square.

For whatever reason, I loathe that ball (and the drunks counting it down) out of all proportion. (And I’m dead set against drawings of the New Year as a baby.) But the boys have suddenly looked up and are now a part of the world around them, and I’m captivated. I don’t want to miss any of it, now that they’ve engaged. It’s a nice time in each of our lives, it’s really fun to be together. Liam has asked for an oil painting setup at home, and wants to do it in my studio, which is the perfect place to paint.

Of course I am also crazed to paint. And Liam, calmly, just says “It’s time” for him. It’s interesting to watch someone like that, someone who knows what they want and has a good sense of timing. Bill was like that, as a kid, pointed straight to the career he has now. Evan knows that he wants a life in science. I’ve never known what I wanted, beyond a deeper understanding of everything around me. It must be a relief, a calmness, to know where one is headed.

I certainly don’t remember any sudden moment where I became aware, or suddenly snapped into grid, including up to current.

Anyway. I’m looking forward to this coming year.

And on this Solstice evening, I am definitely thinking about balance.


6 thoughts on “happy winter solstice

  1. Some people aren’t made to do things, they rather are meant to be – the world to someone, a mirror for others, or a trouble-maker or -shooter to help situations evolve, or a catalyzer. It doesn’t result in catalogs of products or achievements. They are like a soft rain falling on everything, nourishing, evaporating in the air and continuing its course without being noticed. The seeds touched by it are feeling as if a miracle just happened, they can start their (new) life. The rain doesn’t see that and rain is not in a fix place like the sun… Maybe you don’t see the impact you’ve had on other people’s lives, or your own role in the big picture, but you certainly are very successful in what you were meant to do… or rather be.

  2. You really are a wonderful influence on my life. Your creativity, playfulness, love and joy have opened new ways of seeing and feeling and the world is a better place to have you in it.

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