Arrive Alive!

The sunrise this morning was astonishing.


Even more astonishing was turning around to face the West, and seeing, at the same moment, the setting full moon. Last night was glittery beyond belief; Arizona winter skies blow me away. And make me want to go out further, and see more.


I had a lovely time at Electric Larryland last night. When I went in, I felt like I’d completely lost my grip, as if my priorities and tasks were moving around the sea of me like electric eels. I couldn’t find my creamy center. It was not a comfortable feeling.

In the deep space Larry created for me with acupuncture, I was able to finally relax into the zone that allowed the many Eels Of Me to twine together again into a power cable.  It’s the difference between feeling like I’m laying track in front of a freight train and feeling the joy and privilege of spearheading one of the coolest beading projects the planet has ever seen.

It’s good, I think, to have the experience of feeling both in a single day; it reminds me that focus and productivity is an as much an action as a concept, deeply tied to mental health and rest.

Also, this car:

I thought unicorn people were nicer

I thought of the Unicorn People as essentially peaceful; this made me laugh yesterday and I am still laughing.

Arrive Alive!