A bit of sun and a freakload of work

Forgive my radio silence as I enter a whirlwind of sparkling work. Happily, I’m in Tucson for the week it will take to do it, warming up, soaking in some sunshine.

winter garden

The only hard part is that Miss Fish is immediately all over any horizontal portion of my body, making beadwork a challenge.

Today, I’m working up a Blue/Green Mowgli sample for our kits, and, in a fit of genius, I decided to include a bit of video to help people along the ZigWing path. There wasn’t any point in starting the piece before I got to the actual light. I find that I can’t shoot even a still photograph worth a damn in St. Louis, much less video. It’s a pointless endeavor with the methods I use, natural light, the IPhone.

All of the sparkly boxes of beads mail out early this week (starting today!), and the patterns open in a Digital Wonderland on Friday morning. I’m thrilled to be doing it this way, to be able to include video clips.

Detail of Mowgli ZigWing Karen Beningfield web

Seeing how things go is such a lifesaver for Pattern-Challenged beaders like myself. I really feel that I am giving blood when I create patterns, because it’s so difficult for me. All I am actually interested in is the making.

The greatest thing about being buried in work is that it is my work, work of my choosing, work from my own mind, mixed with the ideas of others. I’m absolutely loving working with the two South African beaders who contributed to this round, Ronel Durandt and Karen Beningfield. Beaders rule!

Above, a detail of Karen’s Mowgli pattern from my Zig-Wing design, the kit I am shooting video for today. Photo, IPhone, Tucson light.

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