Hear No Eggplant, Accept no Wonderland

It’s a freaking Winter Wonderland here in St. Louis again.

It snowed all night, it’s snowing now. Each branch is delightfully capped with powdery snow. The best part about it? I get to watch it out of the window in the arms of my handsome lover for the day, and then tonight, I get to FLY OUT OF IT. Vastly looking forward to my week in sunny Tucson. I’ll be back here on Christmas eve for more freezy fun.

Winter Fucking Wonderland

It makes me want to get a mayonnaise lid in my beak and ski down the roof slope, like this crow loves to do. CORVIDS FTW!

Last night at dinner Liam tried out the “Hear No Eggplant, Speak No Eggplant” tactic, but it turned out that the eggplant didn’t go away until he closed his eyes. And Evan and I ate it all.

Hear No Eggplant

My derby-skating ship-sailing eggplant-loving daughter is on duty in Boston all Christmas. We’ll miss her during the holidays. Next year, we should all be together, with a bonus turret.

It’s hard to imagine that anyone could be as adorable and sweet as Bri, but if you know her (and you just might) you are aware. It’s nuts that a crusty-hearted specimen such as myself was able to produce from my hot blood and bone three such kind, gentle, charitable humans, but it obviously happened, and I marvel at it daily.

Bria Dec 2013

We should all enjoy the blissful last days of 2013, a year that will seem soft and peaceful in retrospective comparison to the fuckshow that is coming in 2014, when strident, hairsprayed anchors on Fox News teams are once again on the warpath for a suite of carefully selected batshit crazy talking points.

Thankfully, we still have Jon Stewart around this holiday season to explain what first century Turks and Middle Eastern messiahs might have looked like. (Hint: not Fox News White.)

Megyn Kelly, Fox News:  “Just because it makes you feel uncomfortable doesn’t mean it has to change!”

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