a sweet interview on a woman of fashion


This photo was taken by Dave LaChappelle, and is of Alexander McQueen and Isabella Blow. It reminds me of one of our photoshoots with Kyle. (Through bullhorn:  “All right, flamethrowers on up there!”)

Yesterday, I saw a beautiful interview with Bryan Ferry, all about his close friend Isabella. In this interview, because it isn’t about him, Bryan can open up and talk without having a lot of walls up. I was particularly touched by the part in the interview where he described her coming over after his divorce, making breakfast for his boys, teetering around his garden in ridiculous shoes and couture hats, or to think of her running behind his car as he drove away from Oxford, laughing, just a few weeks before her suicide.

Also. I don’t know how anyone could listen to this and not see why I feel like he is a friend I just haven’t really got to know yet.

I’m enchanted by the backdrop in the ShowStudio set, aren’t you?  (It’s nice in photograph, but even better in video.) It’s  so simple, but a glory of light and painterly joy. I think I need to make this happen in my space immediately.

Bryan Ferry talking about Isabella Blow

If you’d like to learn more about Isabella Blow, surely a fascinating human being, here are some nice links. I have a lot of mixed feelings about fashion, wealth, and high society, but talent is always of interest, and she had IT at the thousand percent level.

Isabella Blow Foundation
Fast Company

The Guardian
The Guardian fashion retrospective
Google Image Search


7 thoughts on “a sweet interview on a woman of fashion

  1. I like the decor in the video, very very nice. I couldn’t stop looking at it. It’s funny how your post took me to the article of theguardian.com, which led me to the article about scents. I wanted to be a nose when I was young. Lovely how the article mentions Caron, of which I had Nocturnes during a pretty longtime, until it wasn’t available anymore… and that 17th century pharmacy in Florence… I’ve been there as a tourist in my shorts, buying floral water for a friend, not believing my eyes when entering in there. looks like a chapel. I love Florence, favorite city.

      • I’ve been in that pharmacy! That’s the one I was talking about when we were in Spain. It is LOVELY, breathtaking, and fabulously expensive. It was established in 1612…the fixtures and artwork is stunning. It even has wild sputnik-like lighting protuberances mounted on tall stanchions to illuminate the painted walls and vaulted ceilings. Cath is absolutely correct: It is a wonder to behold.

  2. Kate, do you know there’s an amazing McQueen exhibit in STL right now? Its at the (believe it or not) Chess Museum– http://www.worldchesshof.org/exhibitions/exhibit/a-queen-within
    I haven’t been yet, but I plan to go. I’ve heard great things from artist friends.
    “In the game of chess, the queen is considered the most powerful and often the most unpredictable piece. She embodies tradition whilst simultaneously redefining rules established by a patriarchal system. This intriguing dichotomy is the inspiration behind A Queen Within: Adorned Archetypes, Fashion and Chess.”
    Let me know If you want to go!

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