single digits

It was 6F last night.

Big Fluffy Yes

Most of the trees around me are bare. This is equal parts beautiful and bleak. Mostly bleak. But I do grasp the elegance of line, and I think about having time/taking time to sketch their reach.

One great thing about not having beautiful green leaves fluttering in the golden sunshine (sigh) is that it is easier to see large birds of prey lurking in the branches. I about passed out this morning when I looked up and saw I this  huge bird, something so large and fluffy that it simply HAD to be an owl. But it gave me a beady hawk-glare when I pulled out my camera, and repaired with its hawk-head and hawk-wings to a taller, bleaker tree in the back yard.

I felt terrible for costing a resting bird the energy of a flight in this kind of fucked-up weather, but the yard is made of rabbits and squirrels. I think I could catch one with one eye closed and so can a hawk. Also, it was excellent for Bird ID, because when it did fly, I could see its bright, rusty tail.

Bleak Tree 2


Those are walnut trees in the background. Hard to love in winter, such a graphic mess.

I’ve been working non-stop, sorting my schedule, ordering thousands of dollars of tiny, sparkling tubes of glass that I will fly into Tucson next week to sort out into pretty little kits. I’m looking forward to a week of warmth, and a massage… hopefully by the time I arrive back in the Frozen Zone for Christmas hols, I can start the Cycle of Pain nice and fresh.

Evan happily has my neat gene.

Evan is a neatnik


Jasper luckily has the Adorable gene.

Pink Nosed Pirate

I realized just the other day that Jasper’s spots had spots. This seemed really huge to me at the time.

Also, Dave Grinspoon is knocking his Sagan Lecture out of the park. I’m listening live, and I can hear Bill laughing in the background when Dave puts up this graph, comparing Venus, the Earth, and Mars.

Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 11.28.55 AM


You can listen to Dave’s talk if you want to, at the AGU websites.

If you are a human, it will interest and apply to you.  Use the code AGU13 to do it for free. Right here, right now, it’s the best analysis of where we are as a species that anyone could possibly make.

And oddly, that isn’t hyperbole.

“It’s better to grasp the universe as it really is than to persist in delusions, however satisfying and reasurring they may be..” Sagan


7 thoughts on “single digits

  1. Brrr, this is really cold, I hate cold weather, too… Here we have 41F at the moment.
    Jasper is such an adorable boy, and he looks so fluffy… : )
    I’ll send you pics of the Winged piece later…

    • I know. It’s grown beyond containment, they are going to have to do something. Over 20,000 people now, or some crazy number like that. It’s a fun year for me because Bill is President of the Planetary Section, and so he’s doing a lot of the introductions and such.

      It felt like we were sitting together, watching Dave’s talk, when I could hear him laughing from his chair.

  2. Gosh, my last order from FMG went all the way to MAINE and took a week before getting back to me, less than 200 miles south of their warehouse. Just sayin’… love FMG but the shipper sometimes doesn’t look at a map. The one prior to that came in 2 days. Go figure.

    I always figure if the mouse or rabbit or squirrel is too slow or to dumb or too weak to escape the mighty predator, its time was up anyway. All part of the balance of nature. We have cougars here, I lost a gorgeous colt to one a few years back, just after getting confirmation of a VERY lucrative sale. So yes I am ambivalent, but we have moved into their territory, so…

    Stay warm

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