Off to winter I go

What a lovely five days I’ve had.

My time here started off a little rough, with the missing bag (and admittedly that part is still pretty rough in my mind) and the car that wouldn’t start. But the soft, warm days, the love of Miss Fish, the peace and beauty of the garden… it’s all been so nice. I got my Miata back from the mechanic yesterday, and happily the only problem with the failed start was a dead battery. As it was my annual visit, they went over the whole thing, checking everything, and once again their verdict on my 20-year old baby was “What a great car.” New rear brake pads, a lube job, and a couple of cleaned-out drain tubes (I have got to stop parking under the pine tree for shade) and I’m all set to go.

The Miata is the best car I’ve ever had- affordable (I bought it for $3,000) reliable and inexpensive to repair. What more could anyone ask for? A back seat? Hey, I like binary interactions.

Kate By Robin

My favorite part of this photo (besides my beloved car) is remembering the day, what fun we had. I am clutching a huge plastic Godzilla behind my back, and Doriot and Diana and Robin and Jeroen and Gabriella and Sarah and Kyle Cassidy are scampering around the perimeter. This shot was taken by Robin Douglas.

We are doing another incredible photo and portrait session here at the Ranch in Tucson during the Gem Shows- I’ll be posting information on it soon, but basically, I decided to make it a three-day party. Kyle and Ryan Anas are flying out from the East Coast, Doriot and Robin are coming back, and we’ve structured it so that people who are in town can come in for short sessions- morning, afternoon, night, and we will be shooting the whole time. Ali Megan, who did the last calendar shoot here at the Ranch, will also be on deck for some of the fun.

It’s going to be EPIC, as is every shoot involving Kyle.

Kyle, Ryan, Ocean, Doriot and I went to see the COMET!

Kyle, Ryan and Ocean on our last shoot, climbing around Gates Pass, about to switch from shooting a calendar to a COMET.

I’m off to St. Louis today, through sub-zero Denver. It’s going to be cold cold cold, but I’ll be in a lot of warm love, and yeah, I’m taking actual shoes and socks. And a fluffy winter coat.

I can’t wait to see the boys! The cats! My handsome lover….