crazy love

I’ve been in Tucson for two days now. It’s lovely sunny (but cold at nights) and the garden is full of flowers and ripe grapefruit.

good morning tucson

I’m catching up on my computer filing after getting my MacBook back (I’ve got 9 hours in and still going), answering mail, email. The usual- it takes a couple of days to get back on track after so long away.

Many things are not ideal; my Miata won’t start- it needs a new battery and hopefully nothing else, so until I can arrange to have it fixed, I’m grounded except for where the city bus can take me. Also, sadly, I’m trying to integrate the fact that one of my bags was apparently stolen at the little Tucson airport, in between the airplane at the gate and the baggage carousel. I’m stunned by the loss; there was a lot of my current work in there, and it seems to simply be gone forever.  Combined with being without my computer for a month… it’s all a bit surreal. I normally don’t check anything except clothes, but circumstances collided, and here we are. I ride the bus back and forth to the airport, talking to the police, avoiding final acceptance of what has happened.


Every second I have been home, Miss Fish has been sucker-cupped to me, purring and kissing. It’s lovely to be loved, especially when things don’t go well, and it’s nice to see the house, garden and cats so happy under Jay’s care. I must admit that I wish I’d stayed in London, seen the Ferry show and avoided the loss of my work. On the up side, my mind is awake, engaged; I am feeling very alive. My problems are small and essentially worldly concerns, and as I am in charge of not only the work but the schedule, I must simply rearrange things until they once again fit.

I’m trying to look away from the endless advertising all around me- I’m repulsed by Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and everyone with so much stuff getting more stuff. I can see that having three things instead of one thing caused my loss; if I moved as lightly as I wish I did, I would have almost nothing with me at any time except my work, my ninja skills, and a change of clothes.

Incredibly, I fly again on Thursday, this time to St. Louis for a couple of weeks of winter, some love time with boys (I can’t wait to see my sons) and to supervise the tearing out of the kitchen ceiling in our vintage house- it’s time to replace a lot of very old plumbing to the upstairs bathroom. And of course, to move forward on my main job, the layouts for CGB, Volume II.

I hope that when all of this work is somehow accomplished I can just… breathe.

By then it will be Spring… a good time for renewal and new starts.

12 thoughts on “crazy love

  1. What a poop about the suitcase! I’m hoping at least your work will turn up, surely it will be returned to you!

    • Yup. I’m just so sorry to lose six months of work, but…. in perspective. My problems are entirely first world. Insignificant. I’m really only worried about the piece that was not mine to lose.

  2. F-ING Thief!!! Not the fact that you had a checked bag, but that someone would steal it! So sorry.

    • We’ll see how it all shakes out… it is actually kind of hard to believe. It’s so much more probable that it got tossed on the wrong tug. But it’s a very small airport.

  3. Hopeful me, now I would put a large font statement in every bag with a request that everything that did not prove to have value to the person now in posession of “MY” property to PLEASE send it back to P.O. BOX ???? to receive a reward. This may have some success. Is it worth a try?
    Sorry for your loss.

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