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Hotel Ohla Barcelona Frederick Amat Facade

Yesterday, I went into the Hotel Ohla. I wanted another look at Frederick Amat’s Wall Of Eyes, and to see the interior.

The desk clerk was very friendly, and took out three books on Amat for me to look at. He spoke about ten languages fluently (I love that skill) and so we had a great chat. It turns out that Barcelona has a cultural council that buys, promotes and maintains public art, and so the artwork is actually owned by the council, and they maintain the facade, tenderly washing the eyes, etc.

It’s great for the hotel, great for the art, and ¬†beautiful for the people.

Hotel Ohla front facade

Amusingly, he said that people were superstitious, and often feared that the eyes had spy cameras, and that the building was watching them.

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  1. When you go to the airport, look up near the departures area, especially near the food vendors (not McD’s) and you will spy what eye did. I’ll dig out my photo to send you. Also, on your way to the airport in the bus, sit on the right side of the bus so you can rest your jaw on the window frame as you view the backside of Montjuic…a FANTASTIC cemetary built into the side of the Mont.

  2. So sorry you were sick on your last few days. Not a fun way to end a trip. I hope the rest of it is fabulous and you have safe travels.

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