The work of writing

I love writing in Barcelona. My mind whirls with what floats on the air; art everywhere, on everything. I love it that everything is open late, that people are wearing colour, laughing, that it feels safe, warm, exciting. Each city has a really distinct flavour; Barcelona has a thousand. Every light change, every hour, every day, every minute, it changes in front of our eyes.

I’ve been working on ten things at once (my favorite mode) and am looking greatly forward to sitting down with guitarist Oliver Thompson in London next week for a nice long interview.

Photo © Natasha Bidgood

I’d originally planned to make talking with him  a part of a larger piece on how musicians think/plan/prioritize/see time and space, but honestly, he’s so calm and interesting for his age that I feel like doing a big piece, as I’m quite frankly impatient waiting for someone else to do it (my usual motivation for any project I start).

Here’s Ollie tearing up some Hendrix (politely, though, as it isn’t his show) on stage with Ferry back in 2007. He was not quite 19 at the time, and the tour was in support of the Dylanesque record.

To his credit, Bryan, ignoring those who found an entire record of Dylan “regrettable”, continues to play those covers- the recent tour has three Dylan songs in the lineup.

This video from 1998 or so was the first Oliver Thompson solo work I saw, after Beatle Bob, who saw their band Rubber Kiss Goodbye at SXSW, tipped me to their record.

It’s great to have the freedom to write what I want, when I want; this trip has been fantastic; to raise my head for a few weeks from the current book layout has actually been hugely energizing. My MacBook might have been my greatest ally, balking at the last minute, sending me off without my expectations.

Excitingly the Spanish sun once again fills the sky; it welcomes a sea change.

Blazing Ball Of Love

I think my sector of my street could still be found on any map, with any instrument, I’m so full of golden sparkles.

Today, a tour of Barcelona as I love it for my Mystery Guest and an infiltration of one of the contemporary art museums, tomorrow, we plunder Figueres, and Dali’s own wonderland. We’d better eat our Wheaties.


4 thoughts on “The work of writing

  1. Wow.Wow.Wow! Thanks for the Ferry-Dylan Watchtower! It spun me into two more, Tom Thumb Blues & Simple Twist of Fate, and my day has been made! Thank you.

  2. Wow, Beatle Bob! A name I haven’t heard in sometimes. I would see him at various gigs. A real pop maven and always smartly dressed.

    • How excellent that you know Beatle Bob! He is a St. Louis treasure, although as you can imagine not everyone gets him. He always clears space in the front row left, dancing his crazy dance, and so I found that the most delightful place at any show was right next to him, dancing in his wacky wake. I think he’s a true original and whenever I see him, anywhere in the world, I fly into his arms and kiss him with delight. No one seems to mind.

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