further explorations…

Batllo in the night

I scampered all over Barcelona today, Mystery Guest in tow. We plundered the Picasso museum, the magic shop, the alleys, the streets, had a stupendous lunch, a writer’s siesta, and then went back out and did it all again, except this time we ate padron peppers (always a huge hit), investigated all corners of the Casa Batllo (so much better at night) and sharked around outside Pedrero (also so exquisite in the night-light.

Batllo at night 2

Rayleigh or DaVinci scattering at Batllo

Call it Rayleigh or DaVinci scattering, it matters not, but Gaudi took advantage of it, making the blues of the window frames and tiles progressively darker and bluer as he built up. This makes the very top floor feel dizzyingly far away when viewed from the ground. At least with human eyes.

Batllo night 3

This time, I went out on the balcony that you can only go out onto if you let them take your photograph, which you then might or might not buy. It was in fact dizzingly high up. The glass tiles of the exterior as impeccably laid, and the metal balconies are beautifully hung.

Batllo night 5

Batllo night 4

The front doors at La Pedrera look completely, totally different in the night light. This is how they looked tonight.

Mila night

And this was a photo from inside, in full daylight, from last week. Another world.

La Pedrera gates

I saw so much new street art; it comes and goes constantly. Suddenly, I’m seeing Clet Abraham altered signs everywhere, including one that Doriot and I puzzled over on our first day. What could it mean, we wondered?

Clet Abraham 2

Lots more later. Tomorrow morning, up to catch a train to Figueres, the moment has come: Dali.

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  1. Damn! I leave for one day and you’ve gone night time Gaudi already. I am displaying dejected posture, complete with downcast eyes–though it could be from the combined 18 hours of traveling I did yesterday. I am somewhat victorious, though: As my first act of official business today I bought padron pepper seeds from 3 different vendors and eagerly await their arrival. My cast iron skillets are quivering with excitement. Kisses to BB, AB, and OT for me. Oh, and SD too. Love!

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