Who planned this madness?

Bryan Ferry just added a huge celebration date in London on the 30th, quite tempting to simply stay. Who knows what I’ll do? I certainly don’t, which I find unspeakably exciting. It was pointed out to me yesterday that the very days I’ve planned to fly across the USA are the very days right before Thanksgiving.

WTF? Who planned this trip? Am I going to be forced to stay in London for four days and see another mindbending show?


We’ll see what happens today, a day so exciting I find that I am actually quivering; I think you could detect my area of Barcelona with one of those sorts of equations that looks for pixel value variance over the whole of a photograph (how to spot a cheat, even in a screen shot) because my part of the city would be subtly vibrating with golden sparkles.

I’ve come to term with my Technical Difficulties, and rearranged my work schedule as best as I can so that I probably won’t have lost more than two weeks total over the loss of my beloved MacBook and my badly missed CS5 layouts. Thank God for Kyle, I can work on images and keep current on email and keep a good record of my trip and know really important things like that Bryan Ferry just added a huge celebration date in London on the 30th.

Have you seen the gallery of street art I’m compiling on Facebook?

Anyone can see it, have a click. 


I can’t wait to find out what we stumble into today. Maybe Frederick Amat, who made the Mur d’ulls, (Wall of Eyes) that shot into our hearts like a googly rocket yesterday.

Frederick Amat

Or find some more signs by Clet Abraham.

Clet Abraham in Amsterdam, photo by Mokum Magazine

In these cases, we found the work and then found the men, but how odd and beautiful that they seem so like all of the others; I am finding a family resemblance in love.



2 thoughts on “Who planned this madness?

  1. I’m loving the pictures of the street art and all of the other photos as well. What???? You’re Mac stopped working on this trip too? I’ve been following along, but somehow, I missed that until this post.

    • Yes, how wack is that? The screen connection failed. Admittedly it’s four years old, kind of pushing it for design work. But I’m just not ready to buy a new one… so I left it at the Mac store in Philly (last time it was left in Paris) and took off for london with Kyle Cassidy’s vintage MacBook. Crazy, right, that it would do this AGAIN?

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