Raymondism and orange tights

Chicken Legs

What’s that in Doriot’s BAG? A rubber chicken from the MAGIC SHOP? Is it a magic chicken?


Today was so excellent. I had high hopes; they were met in every regard.  (photo by Doriot)

At the Picasso museum, I found a little coloured drawing showing a professor, about to grade his papers on his wife’s bottom.

Professor getting ready to grade papers on his wifes bottom

This mannequin at a shop in our square looks eerily real, despite having a head made of flowers.

Is it because she’s wearing panties? I love the tie on the dress.

Barcelona 66

The Raymondism poster was supreme. I meant to get one, then didn’t. And still might.

Here’s to Raymondism! I love the creatures holding hands, looking festive.


The nut shop was finally re-penetrated, and fancy salt, macadamia brittle and sun-dried tomatoes were attained.

Nut Shop

“What’s your business, Salt?”

Lots more street art, too- a very rainy day meant a lot of closed doors.

Barcelona 65

You know what wasn’t closed, though? The Calzedonia TIGHTS & STOCKINGS SHOP.

I am now possessed of a dozen pairs of the most excellent Italian stockings and tights that perfectly fit my long legs; I wanted orange and red tights like the Spanish girls.

(Although this is a photo from Holland, courtesy of The Sartorialist.)
You get the idea, though.

Orange Tights from The Sartorialist

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  1. love the picture of the blonde with her orange tights! her dress is totally fantastic. hup holland hup! Orange is the color of the Monarch and always worn by Dutch sports people… Love it, it is joyful. I think that this is what we need in Switzerland. More color.

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