Things are changing, from the weather to the circumstances. Soon, Doriot heads home, and one part of the trip is over, another begins.

On my list, certainly, the big contemporary art museums.

Miro, Toledo
Joan Miró

As I found almost no work like this at the Miró museum, I’m hoping/sure to see some of his early pieces at the other Barcelona sites. I need to see more of this work to help me appreciate what he was getting at from the 1930s onward, with his self-stated (and quite well-realized) goal to “assassinate painting”.

I like paintings. And I like his early paintings.

Joan Miró
Joan Miró

I’ve also still got a couple of major Gaudi sites to visit, I want to go to the Dali museum and the coast near Figueres. I may or may not do my Thing in London… I think that the work I do next week will decide that. If I’m not ready, I won’t do it.

I also hope to have the chance to speak again with Andre when he returns from America. Although I’m attracted to his ideas about making buildings that can elegantly (and architecturally) generate their own power, I’m even more interested in the concept of applying his technology to mobile applications; if water is available, his spheres can be transported empty, and filled on location, providing small measures of heat, electricity, cooking, using only sunlight, creating no waste. Panels are a nightmare to transport, for every reason, but empty round things are easy to move, and can hold other things inside them, weather-proof, when not being used as power stations.

As we ruin Earth, you know, we are going to have to get creative about being mobile. Round is good for this. Everything wants to be round.

Oculus 2 MIT Chapel

MIT chapel oculus, (Eero Saarinen) metal altar sculpture (Harry Bertoia)