just another angel in the crowd

It was a beautiful sprinkly day, just right for walking and seeing new colours and things and doors and corners and streets and art so fresh it was still dripping paste.

We wandered in circles and loops, lines and beelines. We saw lots of dogs. Dogs and little children, squealing around corners.

Barcelona 59

A Puppy on a Rainy Morning

We saw the best plastic-stick on window film in the entire HISTORY OF EARTH; holographic pebbles, in 18″ squares. We long for some.

Holographic stick-on pebble plastic

We went again by the nut shop; closed. The magic shop; closed.

But we found the googly-eye building.  This is nothing to sneeze at, as neither of us knew it was here.

Googly building Barcelona 2 Googly building Barcelona

Subsequent research (and a tip from Beverly Corbitt) have revealed this to be the Hotel Ohla, sporting a ceramic facade by Frederick Amat, titled Mur d’Ulls, or Wall Of Eyes.

Googly Eyes Building

Additionally, as if this were not enough, the French restaurant was open again, and Doriot piloted us directly to it, and we had a glorious lunch.

And saw a lot of art; Sunday means things closed, doors drawn down.

Barcelona 57

I want this to be Lorca, it looks like Ray Bradbury. Who is it really? I feel I should know. At a minimum I feel YOU should know.

Barcelona 56

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  1. You’re having a wonderful trip enjoying so much art. Can’t help but envy you just a little. Love your posts!

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