Cool and rainy

Tapas at Night

Today was a rainy fall day, much cooler (in the 50s) and complete with lighting and thunder in the morning. I handled the whole thing beautifully, by working in the dark of the morning, and then going back to sleep until 11.

As far as I can tell, I missed nothing of significance. I would be happy to work until the wee hours and sleep until 11 here; why on Earth not? The whole place is structured to benefit this clever behavior.

We went out at midday, armed with warmies and umbrellas, and headed for a tea and sweet shop that Doriot had on her mighty List. It was exquisite, and in addition to having a bay window table loaded with confections, served delights from various Spanish monestaries, nunneries and cloisters.

Benedictine Monk-Made Liqueurs

We contemplated the many monk-brewed liquors (Bill! I must bring you one!) but in the end went for a couple of tall, intense Kir cocktails and a couple of slices of toast with monk-cheese, monk-roasted peppers, and monk-dried tomatoes.

The air of monkish delight did not extend to the rather unpleasant woman who ran the shop attached to the tea-shop; she told me, in essence, that all views of the items in the shop were exclusively for herself, and those who purchased them. And I thought, yes, it would be terrible for you if people posted beautiful photographs of your wares, and encouraged others to come to your shop and buy them. Unacceptable.

I did, however, manage this one beautiful shot. I hope you enjoy this premium view as much as I did.

Unfriendly Marzipan

After Kir and monktoast, we went out into the light rain in search of a herb-shop called Herboristeria del Rey that Doriot wanted to find; they sell soap and oils and loose herbs and flowers, things like that.

We circled it wetly for a while, during which time several exquisite items of clothing were purchased, and then located it just off of an arm of the Doriot-named Suspicion Plaza, the square surrounded by arched colonnades, and lined with white-jacketed waiters with menus, attempting to lure diners to their tables.

Out of the window of herboristeria del rey

Above, a view of one side of the plaza, below, the owner of del Rey, charming, cultured.

He said, gently, with a smile, “This shop is a museum.”

Herb shop

Herboristeria del Rey

After soaps were secured, we found fresh pasta, and made our way home for siesta.



Pokemon-like creatures are everywhere on the walls. But I’ve only seen one sword-swallower.

Barcelona 47

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  1. mmh lovely day! I love the rain and delightful monk-made liquor. I have an imperishable souvenir of an elixir made in France, in a monastery (the Abbaye Saint-Michel de Frigolet) that was made famous by the ‘Lettres de mon Moulin’ by Alphonse Daudet. The place, not far from Avignon, is mythical and the liquor, la Norbertine, is beyond devine; it is not only deliscious, it makes one feel immediately happier than happy.

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