a cool and sunny Saturday

What a perfect day. Soft and cool, sunny and not sunny, and we went everywhere, man. We started out blissed at Bliss, a gorgeous little place on a tucked-away street.


Dali Funnels Barcelona

I love the graffiti and street art.

birds Barcelona

Alice Barcelona

Barcelona Graffiti 5

We found a couple of great streets and street markets, had beautiful food, bought a few cool things to wear, and found a stunningly good bookstore.


We both really loved a table of old cloth and leather bound books made into journals.

Doriot and books

I lurked briefly on my terrace.

I love you from Spain

We walked out to see the sea.

Sailing ships, Barcelona

There was a circus. It was a scene.

Barcelona Graffiti 9 Go Vegan Pikachu

grafitti barcelona 1

There was a plate of figs carpaccio, with mint and pine nuts. There were final uploads from Ali Megan, from our last photoshoot at my place in Tucson (the one below is at the outdoor tub in the B40…)

There was a very exciting date made in London.

Affairs, they march. And I am in love with Barcelona.

Becky Pattowitz rocking the outdoor tub, photo by Ali 

Above: Becky Pattowitz by Ali Megan Photography, beadwork by Rebecca Bisgyer (on Becks) and various, in a glittery pile.

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