lovely days…

It’s been warm and sunny here in Barcelona, just as it was in Oxford. I’ve had about an hour of bad weather in weeks… funny in retrospect how many people offered their opinion on what a silly time November was to go anywhere. People should shut the fuck up, that’s kind of where I come down on that. We’re having a great time.

Picture 3

Some of the places we’ve explored…

Barcelona Cathedral

Above is the Cathedral de Barcelona- this is not Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia, but the one in the center of town. It’s gorgeous. We just found ourselves there, it wasn’t planned.

The space was restful for my soul; I’m a bit over-full of feelings right now, short of head space.

Cathedral 2 Barcelona

After the cathedral, we found some lunch and went to the Casa Batllo, one of my favorite Gaudi works. It was full of people, but there were spaces for being alone, if one was patient. Somehow, near the end of our visit, I found myself alone in the front salon for almost ten minutes.

Batllo parlour 3 Batllo parlour

I lay down on the polished wood floor to catch a few shots of one of the light fixtures. Gaudi made everything; the lights, the hinges, every piece of hardware, every door- all done to his design.

Batllo light fixture Gaudi

I shot the light in two exposures.

Gaudi light black for Aurelio

I’m still thinking about my visits to Andre’s studio.

photo Doriot Lair

I love the comparison of my own ring and Andre’s sphere; mine a moon to his planet.

I digitally painted a bit on the one below. The disapproval of the man on the street is palpable, but I can’t imagine why. Because he wants Andre all for himself? He should relax, as there is enough to go around. But not until he comes back from New York, after the WTO awards.

photo Doriot Lair, digital painting by Kate

I’ve been trying to take a few days, a week, to collect my thoughts, thinking that at some point I’d snap back into grid, but admittedly they seem uncollectable. I really have no idea how to stop any of the trains in my head; the things I must accomplish to complete the CGB project are doable, but huge in number, the things I am trying accomplish re Love Letters are small in number, but frankly audacious, even for me. All I can do is keep a tally board.

I’m not accustomed to luring people or convincing them to help me; in general, I rarely initiate actions, preferring instead to respond. Whether in love, battle, email, chess, or social situations, I find it easier to be nimble in reaction mode. In these circumstances, though, I am crossing rooms, oceans, and social boundaries to engage people; I am having to encourage them to trust me, even to love me back. It’s… draining, and risky in a personal way; asking someone to engage beyond the surface is not always met with a willingness.

I love the moment when people understand what I do and do not want from them; last night, Andre said, “ah, so you are making stories you can live…” and I said, simply, “Yes.”


Today, we went to the Boqueria, to rustle up a few provisions, to MACBA (one of the two large contemporary art museums) to change our voucher for actual tickets, and scope the gift shop, then on to a couple of vintage shops, a dressmaker, to scope CCCB, the second of the two contemporary museums. Doriot bought a gorgeous little frock coat affair that slays me; she wore it out tonight to meet Cindy and Ed (who happen to be in Barcelona as well) for dinner near the Sagrada Familia.

There was a little booklet in the MACBA shop celebrating great mustaches, mostly of American movie stars.

Burt Reynolds

The Boqueria

Doriot at the Boqueria

Dinner with Cindy and Ed

Cindy and Ed in Barcelona

I’m not sure what tomorrow holds; but then, am I ever?

8 thoughts on “lovely days…

  1. I am loving your stories, Barcelona is one of my all time favorite cities. I am remembering excellent tapas on the square with the cathedral and a wonderful gallery in the gothic district. We also enjoyed absinthe (well mark enjoyed it! I don’t care for it) in a coffee shop in the gothic district.

  2. We haven’t been in Casa Batllo, I will have to convince Nathan I need to on this visit. Spending time exploring the Park Güell was wonderful. I happened upon a flea market on our first visit and purchased old keys and buttons. That was my reward after finding a bead store, but it was siesta. Sadly, I couldn’t go back as it was “all aboard” time. I hope you can find time to breathe and to just be.

    • Leave Nathan somewhere and go by yourself. I can NEVER GRASP the “I couldn’t/didn’t do “X” because the person/people I was with didn’t want to.” I get it if you only have very limited time, otherwise… just go!

  3. I plan on going in November of next year. Paris, Nice and then Barcelona. This will be my 60th Birthday trip. Even though my Birthday is in July, the prices are so much better in November. I like cooler weather and have an umbrella in case of “weather”! I am inspired by all your great adventures and photos. Plus, I will go wherever I want!

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