Here are some photos from our first full day in Barcelona. We wandered all over, and didn’t do too much- got museum passes, ate here and drank there, mapped out our hood, bought beautiful food and drink…made plans for days at all of the places we want to see. All of the Gaudi sites, of course, the Dali museum in Figueres, the two contemporary art museums, the Miro, the Picasso…

tomorrow we go to Andre’s studio, and… ?

Barcelona Angel bull and blue skies

My friends Cindy Jenkins and Ed Weisbart are in town, which is amusing; I hope to see them tomorrow evening.


The weather continues to be blue-sky beautiful- warm in the sunshine (and plenty of it) and cool in the evenings and shadows. I’m loving it.

Mostly, I’m in a dreamworld. Not just from the Thrill Of It All, but also from the beauty.

beautiful blue sky Barcelona

Beautiful Barcelona 2

Casa Batllo, I will see you properly soon. In fact, I will track down every last site in and around Barcelona over the next few weeks.


Assuming that I collect myself, I might eventually even have something to say. But for right now, I think I’ll just keep feeling.

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  1. I can’t wait to go there myself. Thank you for sharing your wonderful adventures. You two must be taking the place and making it your own! Hi to Doriot!

  2. Yes, Keep feeling! That is what becomes fuel for after. I hope that your dream continues for a very long time.

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