Oxford / Swoon / Barcelona

Bryan Ferry and Kate

It was really lovely to see the Ferry show, and to finally meet Bryan, I must say. And I did get the kiss on the hand, which was very gentlemanly of him. I forgot to call him Commander, which I wanted to do exclusively for my own benefit.

Ah well.

I’m in Barcelona now, to interview Andre and commune with Dali and Gaudi.

My head’s still spinning a bit from last night- the concert was fantastic and BF was unspeakably sexy onstage (I love that dark blue suit) and we left Oxford in a bit of a whirlwind. Here are a few more photos… as you can see the weather has been beautiful (so much for the silly people who said not to travel to England in November) and the bliss has been blissful.

Doriot peeking through Balliol doors

Above, Doriot peeking into Balliol College, where I was lurking.

Just another beautiful day in England.

Although I’d never been before, Oxford felt very familiar.

Oxford Is Beautiful

Admittedly I was excited to meet one of my first loves.

Kate Doriot Ferry

There was a nice little thing after the show, and  the jazz cats sat in a little circle of chairs and played while people milled around, and Ferry took pictures with people, chatted, signed things. I was thrilled to meet Oliver Thompson, a favorite of mine since I first heard him play. He’s Ferry’s lead guitarist currently (and played on and toured with the Olympia record as well as the new one coming up) and is also starting his own project, Ollie Forrest.

Can’t wait to hear it.

Oliver Thompson and Kate McKinnon

Bryan was charming as could be, and I was happy to be so close to the stage, as I could really see the performances. It was great to see how much he was enjoying himself, in fact everyone was. The band was clean and tight and the theater and stage were gorgeous. The place probably looked much the same as it did in the early 70’s, when Roxy rocked it.


He was a great sport, and gathered me up in his arms for a kiss on the hand.

Kate kissed by Bryan Ferry

All in all, an amazing time. And a goodbye to England….

Waving Queen Toys

And a hello to Barcelona!

Gaudi's Casa Batllo, photograph courtesy of Cambridge200

photo by Cambridge200

11 thoughts on “Oxford / Swoon / Barcelona

  1. Hi, I was just there in Barcelona… Well, in September. Loved the city that is undeniably influenced by the artists that made it famous. I came across your book on metal clay. Can’t wait to go through them. So many great reviews about it on Amazon. Thank you! And enjoy!

  2. You look absolutely SMASHING. Truly memorable. Does he really know how much you love him? Did you give him the address to your web site and invite him to Facebook? That way he would be able to get to know you (as we do who love you).

    • Thanks! Honestly, that’s nice of you, but I’m a social descender, neither fit for nor interested in high society.

      I did in fact tell him that I fell in love with him when I was 11 and he was 29; that’s why he was laughing in the photo. It’s wrong not to tell people that you love them when you could let them in on the secret and make them happy.

  3. I’m not surprised that he kissed your hand, the new hair style is so pretty!
    Glad you are having such a good trip after all the hard work.
    Orangelinas bracelet is finally finished. Photo to follow!!

  4. The photo in which Bryan kissed your hand…you are just glowing! Love your new hairdo. Noticed the necklace as well, its stunning.

  5. The photos with Bryan Ferry are INCREDIBLE! So wonderful that he kissed your hand… You were weaving a beautiful necklace.
    The bangles arrived today, thank you for sending them back! : )
    Have fun In Barcelona!

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