Philadelphia and Oxford

I was bounced off of my first flight to London, and so stayed the night in Philadelphia. This was excellent, as I got to see Kyle Cassidy and Trillian Stars.

Kyle Signing Love To Trillian Stars

Above, Kyle outside the coffee shop where I was having breakfast with Lindsay (in the photo) and Trillian and Karen; he was signing to Trillian to come outside and get kissed, I think, it was excellent.

Yes It Was Like This

It was the world’s most beautiful day. I woke up to rain, and it turned into big blue skies.

Gorgeous Day in Philly

Blue Skies Over Kyle

Below, roses on the way home from the coffee shop, with a bit of Lindsay on the side.

Roses and Lindsay and A Bit Of Trillian

Below, in Oxford, the Ashmolean Museum, across the street from our hotel, the Randolph.
Photo taken from the Drawing Room, very “Clue”.

From The Drawing Room Of The Randolph

Doriot arrived this afternoon, and we had a proper sitdown at the Crown, with drawn cider and fish and chips.

Doriot in the Crown

It looks like she is walking into a world filled with exciting orange shapes, but I can’t think what they translate to in reality… IPhone magic.

Tomorrow, Bryan Ferry!

We walked by the Oxford New Theatre tonight, in anticipation.

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