a taste of fall, and love

Tucson dawn

The Tucson skies were amazing when I flew out at dawn yesterday morning.

And the fall leaf colours were beautiful when I flew into St. Louis later in the day. It’s been good as ever to see Bill and the boys.. even for a short visit, it fills my well. It wasn’t that long ago that I was here, but still. It’s been a serious month for me. We’ve been laughing, curling up together, talking about everything, anything, just enjoying being together.

We went to parent-teacher conferences tonight, holding hands… it felt romantic.

Leaves Oct 2013

Tomorrow, I fly to Philadelphia to catch a plane to London, where I have a day to play and then to find my way to Oxford to meet up with Doriot and Bryan Ferry. Beyond that, I’m trying not to think too much or too hard. I have a lot to do.

Anyway, my mind is murky, and I’m still up to my ears in the thousand things on my to-do list. It will be a relief to move out of radio contact for days, or a week, whatever I manage to carve out. My heart is oddly heavy; I’m wearied from a lot of busywork and too much busytalk, so much of it about nothing. So many people making so much noise, all of the time. Hundreds of emails a day.

I need a break for sure, or at least to be in noise that has no agenda with me.

This final stretch of my beloved CGB project is demanding; it’s easy enough to design, to photograph, to catalogue (that’s just a lot of hard work, and I’m made of hard work) but to put it together so that it makes a complete little world, a world that has as close as possible to nothing to do with protecting, demanding, policing, owning, watermarking, or with intellectual property rights or copyrighting, well, that takes a bit more emotional or spiritual resilience, as it goes against the ways of the world. Cliquishness intrudes, as it always does, and people who have not done their homework do not let that stop them from making trouble. Facebook is particularly debilitating; for all of it’s beauty (and I do love the connection) it is the Eternal Jr. High, always ready with unbelievable moments.

I’m hoping to make a lot of headway on clearing my heart and mind, if not my inbox, in the next few weeks.
Odd are good for this; I do well when out of my own environment and into adventure.

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  1. I have been attempting to be eloquent about this but cannot find the right words, so as you jet off into the possibilities of this great adventure I hope it brings you everything you want (not quite the right word). You must be excited, I am excited for you. This is, I assume, very big for you, may it meet every expectation in the most unexpected ways.

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