a sky full of stars

I enjoyed my meditation time with the desert sky full of stars, so many stars, in the huge dark, and watching the sun rise with the ravens.

And ravens, ravens everywhere. I won’t complain; I am mostly made of raven and never see enough of them. Happily, incredibly, there was a nesting pair of them sleeping in the tree outside the window where I slept, or did not sleep, staring out into the beautiful sky. It’s hard for me to imagine the pleasure of sharing a life with them that closely, a couple of old marrieds in a nest.

Desert sunrise

I don’t have the luxury of taking too much time to be quiet with the space out of time that I had, but hopefully I’ll carry it forward, along with the shooting stars, desert spirits, and the beautiful people that I was with.

It’s hard to believe that the time spent was so short, considering how opened up I feel.

2 thoughts on “a sky full of stars

  1. Sounds wonderful, Kate. I enjoyed a meditation retreat once, and while I haven’t kept up the practice as I would have liked, the experience was unforgettable. One of these days I’ll try it again, after I plank, of course.

    • Plankity Plank! The great thing is that it only takes 45 seconds, or whatever we are up to for today. I really like having added this into my life- its way better than the crunches I was doing daily.

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