Fish and flowers

It’s been a total Miss Fishapalooza around here, just her and I, and sometimes Simon.  She’s six years old now, set in her ways but still frisky.

I love her kohl-lined eyes, her little brown patch, her whisker-freckles and her ears, shaped like the wings in our beadwork.

Fishstick looking Fine

I’m strangely wrung out today; I can’t quite seem to get enough done in each day, no matter how many hours I work. I’m on a bit of a timeline, now, so I’m trying to be aware and realistic about my plans.

I did get some beautiful shots that I’d been hoping for. With some pieces that I’ve had for months, it’s been nice to have the turn of the season to help my shots. Fall and winter light is beautiful for what I’m doing.

Yesterday, I tied one a ZigWing bangle by Angela Wallis into four different flower shapes, BECAUSE I COULD.

Angela Wallis Flower tie 2

It didn’t mind.

Angela flowertie 4

3 thoughts on “Fish and flowers

  1. Funny, because two days ago the words “Have a break, have a Kit Kat.” came up in my brain when reading you =). I send you lots of positive bright light for your energy to renew when you wake up today. And I want to thank you. For all this. For injecting so much rejuvenating energy into Planet Bead, United, all One, through you.

  2. Wahouuu le bracelet est trop beau
    Miss Fish est adorable et ressemble beaucoup à la petit chatte que j’avais !!!

    Now in inglish :
    Wahouuu the bracelet is too good
    Miss Fish is adorable and very much like the little pussy I had !!!

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