Thankfully, the light today was golden, perfect…

I don’t have much time left here in the studio; everything to be shot must be done and returned this coming week, so that I can go completely digital as I leave this world, this city, this cat, this moment and go boldly into the next thrill. Thrills. I can hardly count them all.

Here are a few photos from my session today. Dig the exquisite, couture-quality tailoring on Rebecca Bisgyer’s Horned runway piece…

Rebecca Bisgyer web 10

Ina Hascher’s creature-like Fortuneteller Bangle

Ina Hascher Fortuneteller Bangle, CGB Vol II

and a detail of a Horned cuff by Robin Douglas. Click any photo to Make It Bigger.

Screen Shot 2013-10-20 at 6.40.51 PM

7 thoughts on “walkabout

  1. Hi Kate,
    This work is so great. I won’t get this layered cuff to you this week; had to start over last night due to the metal beads and won’t get it done until probably Thursday or so. Sorry!!!

    • It’s OK! Take your time, and we’ll shoot in in the first week of December. Just send it to arrive by the 1st, here in Tucson and I probably will too….

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