a web of connectivity

photo by Kate McKinnon at the Kon Tiki, Tucson, Arizona

As I continue to marvel at the shapes and lines and patterns all around me, the beadwork that is coming in for the new book seems quite literally inevitable.

I laughed in joy earlier in the year, when I realized that all of these shapes already exist, because all of the ratios exist; they are elemental. Anything we do to clothe them in cement, glass, or words is simply a reveal. Some shapes are more beautiful than others, more elegant, more simple, more productive.

Spacetime is scattered with diamonds.

When this piece by Ronel Durandt came in, it reminded me of my own lifetime in the language of form.

Ronel Durandt beadworked bracelet

and it made me sure that I need to work harder to connect the head and the tail of it, so that my life can look like this.

Ronel Durandt beadworked bracelet

4 thoughts on “a web of connectivity

  1. Don’t worry too much about that tail, As long as it is not closed, it remains open… You know, like a parachute, as Zappa said.

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