perfect days

The days here are incandescently beautiful… cool mornings in the 50s, 80s warm in the afternoons, fluffy-covers cold at night.

Ranch Travel Brochure

The pool is now officially too cold to comprehend swimming in, somewhere in the 60s. Yet still, somehow, I keep swimming in it. Don’t ask me how or why.

The lizards are all dug in, except for a few notable individuals, the same exact kinds of lizards as the kinds of people that walk around in T-shirts when everyone else is in a sweater.

There is one Desert Spiny, a young one, hanging out in Orangelina’s Lurk, but the lady herself hasn’t been seen in over a month, nor has Alexander or Mr. Long and Lovely. But happily the young one in the Lurk is a ringer for Mr. L & L, so I am encouraged to believe that Orangelina did lay more eggs this late summer, after she took him for a lover.

Go lizards!

sunset october

I’m working hard, really very hard. And I’m loving it.

Tonight, I’ll be making layouts for the work of Ronel Durandt. which is thrilling, daunting, and exciting.

Her work is astounding, and reminds me of DaVinci’s drawings.

As does this piece, which I keep believing is Ronel’s and is not.

Who made this one? I am sorry to have to ask.

Ronel Durandt