Everything was astonishing today, and that is simply a fact. Awesome rained down and sprang up and curled around fenceposts; the tedious Tea Party failed to bring on the End Times they say that they crave so badly, and a lot of people found out that yes, they would be paid for their last few weeks of work.

paper was published that made exciting headway into the way the brain flushes waste during sleep cycles, and why not sleeping can kill us.

The Russians brought up a big chunk of the Chelyabinsk meteorite from the lake it crashed into, and I guess they didn’t plan it very well, as it crushed the scale to powder and broke into three pieces.

chelyabinsk_meteoritePhoto from Register article

Some Russian guy named Breyv is trying to start a new religion surrounding the space rocks, claiming that they are actually a set of tablets that only he and his special team of Lictors can read. It’s really no nuttier than anything else people say. But the Russians told him to piss off, and they took the three pieces to the labs for analysis. Crazy never sleeps, which is kind of reassuring.

He says, “Our main demand is that the tablets be lifted with care and handed over to our priests for further work. We want to build a temple where they could be stored and where any believer could approach the message not fearing to damage its information field.”

I’ll just dish up three more things for now. Wait, four.

Firstly, the Cassini photo of Saturn below (what an impossibly impossible photograph) and the excellent Nasawatch post and Planetary Society blog entry that you can start down the chain of here.

Thank you Cassini

Secondly, Andre Broessel’s excellent short film using the Rawlemon solar collector as a cooker/ low grade Death Ray. He uploaded it to Vimeo, and I rebroadcast it to YouTube for easy blog sharing.  Don’t worry if you don’t speak Spanish, if you simply relax your mind you will understand the written captions. I promise.

He says, on Facebook today, “Kate and Doriot, we are doing this when you are here!” and I am immediately on a rooftop in Barcelona, laughing, and cooking figs stuffed with olives stuffed with cheese with his mindbendingly Earthsaving Not So Deadly Ray, and maybe also probably there are laughing men in beards, and stylish, impossibly casual women.

Thirdly, Aurelio Castano’s lovely beaded dragon, who will be attending that rooftop photoshoot as my guest, at the pleasure of his maker. Thank you, Aurelio.

Aurelio dragonweb 3

Fourthly, this incredibly awesome short film on a group of six women, average age 80, who are killing it- you have GOT to see this if you have any fears at all about growing older. And don’t we all.

A favorite line from one of the women, a professional dancer and choreographer who said, about her liking to wear short skirts at the age of 87,

I don’t give a toss. I don’t give a damn what anybody says about me. Not at all. The only person I care who thinks well or not of me is my husband.

It is worth noting that she married a man 27 years her junior and naturally faced a lot of criticism for it. She says,

So, 34 years later, all of those people look silly. They’ve either died (laughs joyfully) or they look silly.

18 thoughts on “astonishing!

  1. The Tea Party finally reeled off enough rope to hang themselves. I hope none come back as Zombies and take over the 2014 election. They were really not good at partying anyway!

  2. I loved the video of the older women. It so reminded me of Susan Golden – I am 65 now so I am a kid in regards to these women. I hope my future goes like theirs.

      • I remember watching a concert by Andres Segovia in his 90s at the Gammage Auditorium. He was so blind that they put wide white tape from the wings to his chair so that he would be able to see where he was going. Guitarists are known for power and speed and that had left him, but what was left was heart, he played and the audience stood to applaud. To be able to have the power of creation at that age is a wonder. The women of this film have that power in their own way.

  3. Wow. What an inspiring video. I had no trouble staying glued to the whole 45+ minutes. Being 60 I think about what I might like to be doing in 10 years and what kind of self care will help me maintain some energy and joie de vivre. “Keep moving” is the powerful lesson I get from this. I don’t feel afraid of getting older, especially after watching this! Thanks for a well-needed distraction.

  4. I just finished watching the video and stayed up way past my bedtime. I’ll pay tomorrow, but for tonight, I’m overjoyed that this kind of spirit is alive and well in the world. I’m always being told I don’t look ‘my age’ and I feel it’s mostly because I don’t act ‘old’. (I know I darn well look as old as I really am!) I don’t wear kitten heels and swishy dresses, preferring work boots, jeans and a t-shirt when at all possible. I don’t ‘do’ tupperware parties and try to avoid any other women only parties where the goal is to appraise each other and decide if you measure up.
    I’d rather stay in my own world where what I look like and how I dress is just right, because the people I associate with know me for who I really am, not for how I dress, or act or speak, and love me for exactly what I am.
    OK, stepping off the soapbox and going to bed.
    Thanks Kate!

  5. Oh, Kate, that was just wonderful. I opened my puter for one min. just to see if I had any important
    messages and now it is 4:40 AM. What an inspiration to “visit” with those women. Thanks for the introduction. Here I am 87 and that was just the kick in the ass that I needed. Minnesota is not a very colorful place, but I’m gonna give it to ’em. I’ll sell all those old clothes that I over spent for after my house fire, and re stock my closet. That in itself will be fun. I suppose I could sew up some of those magnificent fabrics that I was going to make into the Expressory Scarves; they will combine in the most colorful ways. I know! I will make myself a “Contemporary Geometric” garment, if you don’t mind. Thanks again, Ruth

    • I agree that the film is a giant kick in the ass. I mostly live like those women, but with age comes wisdom, and I love the way that they all were very clear on the concept that they live excitingly for themselves. Not to impress anyone else. I loved the way they talked about their grief; each of them handled sadness the same sort of way; allowing it space, but never letting it blot out joy.

  6. I am saving this video to watch tonight, as I probably shouldn’t spend 45 minutes watching it at work, as much as I’d like to! ;) And I am encouraged by the 87 year old who married a man 27 years younger at the age of 53!!

  7. “Don’t wear beige, it might kill you!” I am wearing it as we speak and may need to tear it off! Thanks for sharing that wondrous video!


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