Off again!

lonely sidewalks

Well, I’ve had almost two weeks of Midwesting and driving to karate and cleaning house and fixing latches and blowing up microwaves and separating salt, iron filings, sand and poppy seeds (for the third time, yay high school chemistry) and fooling around with goofy boys and cats. It’s been a nice visit with lots of play time. Home I go tomorrow, to see what the desert has been up to, and of course to cuddle Miss Fish, and swim a few last times in the Ranch pool.

Work has gone well- almost all of our list here got crossed off, and I made a lot of headway on the layout of the new book.

We have covers now, would you like to see them?

CGB Volume Two Covers Peek Web

The spiral bind will take up space on the left of the front cover, and on the right of the back cover (which is why the bar code is shifted a bit off-margin).

Beadwork by  Ingrid Wangsvik, Kathy Young, AJ Reardon, Deb Bednarek, and Karen Beningfield, with a clasp (on Deb’s Rick-Rack) by Stephanie Price, and the pieces are variations on designs by myself, Christina Vandervlist, and Dustin Wedekind.

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  1. Magnet for iron filings, water to float the poppy seeds, skim off, strain out sand and evaporate water?

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