sparkly Fall days

I remain in the Heartland, minding the family hearth and home. The weather has turned to glorious, with beautifully lit days and cool, windows-open nights.

This morning, after a vigorous bout of layout, email, digital filing, plotting, scheming, writing and Internetting, I walked from the house to the post office today, a nice wander of just over a mile. As usual, I saw no other walkers except for people with dogs.

lonely sidewalks

After my mail was put on its way, I made my way to Ranoush, a nice Lebanese restaurant downtown, and met up with Cindy and Ed.  I walked home, finalized the Italian article, got all of my airline tickets through the end of February (and there were a goatload of them) and finished setting up a swank photoshoot during the Gem Show, with Kyle Cassidy, Ali Megan, Doriot Lair,  Ryan Anas, and friends from all over the world who will be in town to sell at the shows. It will be a welcome joy break after what promises to be a winterful of serious work.

Wyatt did not sleep on me last night; I felt his absence more keenly than he would credit.

Maybe tonight?

Hey Wyatt, what's it like to be so pretty?