beads and cats

Life has been whirling along.

I’m pretty deep in layout now for the second volume of Contemporary Geometric Beadwork. I’ve been really disciplined about my images all year- each time I did a shoot, I chose and finished the shots, labelled and filed them correctly, and so now I have this giant glittering file, stuffed with photographs.

I decided to begin this layout by simply arranging the pictures.

It’s an unusual way to start, but it’s giving me a lot of pleasure, and, I think, freeing me from the thing I like least about making books, which is working from a pre-conceived Table of Contents and outline. I find outlines to be the single most stifling thing to creativity ever invented. There is nothing about an outline that I want.

They are like… walking harnesses, leashes, last week’s ideas about how things will go. I’ve declared war on the concept, at least until the photos have formed their own plot, and we’ve made final decisions about which pieces we are stepping out with patterns.

Detail of Mowgli ZigWing Karen Beningfield web

The shot above is a detail of a beautiful variation on my Zig-Wing Bangle pattern, done by Karen Beningfield in South Africa. Karen is also contributing illustrations to the second volume, both of her own work, and that of others.

You may remember her orange and white Horned Amazement?

It was in our model shoot last weekend.

Karen Beningfield horned cuff web 2


. . .

As the weather here in the Heartland has changed pretty much instantly from hot and sticky to cold and grey (but with sun-sparkled Fall weather coming within hours, I am told) I’m tucked inside, with socks and jammies and the lot of pretty pretty pictures.

Bill is gone all week, and the boys and I have a long list of stuff we want to get done. Driver’s licenses (well, a license and a permit) bank accounts, PayPal accounts… bikes in for service, the next piece of work on the house bid and scheduled (this time we get to replace the pipes in the elderly bathroom wall… I think our house was built in 1905 or something like…) and a general cleanup and re-stock of winterwear for the boys, who are, it must be admitted, significantly taller than this time last year.

I hope you are well, and looking forward to a good week yourself.

Wyatt sends his best.

Portrait of Wyatt, March 1, about six months old.

For sleeping and kissing, I miss MIss Fish badly, but it’s lovely to have Wyatt here.

He’s one of those cats that likes to walk on backs- he’ll give you a nice kneady backrub for a while and then sleep in the small of your back, warm and soft. It’s really nice. But no cuddling, otherwise. Jasper’s not big on it either, although like Simon, he loves to be petted.

There is only one cat in my life that cuddles like a little baby, and that’s the Fishstick.

Miss Fish is Missed by Me

Miss Fish Is A Missed Fish

11 thoughts on “beads and cats

  1. I love this photo of Miss Fish. She has a fluffy little belly, like my cute Becky : )
    Have a nice week!

  2. That’s quite a to-do list with the boys, I hope you find time to enjoy the fantastic photos! Oh, I know you will!!!:) It’s tough when our cuddle-bugs move on–I tried to turn my non-cuddler into a cuddler but he will only put up with so much. At least he tries :)

    All the photos you’ve share are so inspiring and FUN–Thank You

  3. my kitty like to play with dental floss–dished out of the wastebasket. that and her camo catnip mouse. She too refuses to cuddle but loves a good brushing with her Zoom Groom and sleeping on my chest while we watch Netflix. ah, kitties.

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