Landmarky fun was had by all

I greatly enjoyed hanging out at The Bead Place this afternoon. Bill drove me over, and hung out while we bead-nerded, and after I was done we hopped in the car and went directly to the World’s Largest Catsup Bottle, which is located just across the highway from Fairview Heights, in Collinsville, Illinois.

Giant Catsup Bottle

We got out, and walked around, and admired it from all angles, and then Bill being Bill, he wanted to tool around downtown Collinsville and see what might be seen. We spied the famous Bert’s Chuckwagon (which had just been recommended by Bob, at the bead shop) and had a couple of paper plates full of, well, chuckwagon sort of food.

Amusingly, we saw five of the people from The Bead Place, including Bob, at Bert’s.

Bull Durham

One the way home, the Bottle looked even more majestic.

Catsup Bottle night 

We took a winding path home, going over the old MLK Bridge for the first time in forever.

The MLK is decidedly sub-groovy now, though, sadly, as there are new concrete lane barricades down the middle of it. It was spooky, and meandered through bombed-out construction zones, or maybe just bombed-out zones.

We were spit out by the football dome (not a place either of us have ever entered) and we wandered up Broadway, and Washington, and marveled at how seriously excellent the few blocks of Washington that have been spiffed are. Lights strung across the street, a very vibrant scene. Of course, three blocks in several directions lies desolation. It’s not what it should be yet, but it’s hella better than it was. We spent the better part of an hour going home, wandering through favorite zones, waiting until we were up around the Science Center to get back on the highway. It was fun, and a very Bill time.

And now, home, to cats, boys, and a windows-open, cool air night.

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