It’s been hot and sticky here, but I am told that Fall is back tomorrow, after thunderstorms pass through today, bringing a 20 degree drop in temperature. This will be exciting as hell for me, as we can all shut the AC off and throw open the windows, and the smell of basements, ours and everyone else’s, will almost disappear.


I’m also excited about today- not only do I have a booksigning at The Bead Place in Fairview Heights, my favorite bead store in the area (and I really do need to look at some beads, as is turns out) but happily Fairview Heights is quite close to Collinsville, home of the beloved Giant Catsup Bottle. I think Bill is going with me, because he can’t resist the Bottle either.

I’ve seen lots of photos of the Weinermobile visiting, because each of them stops there anytime they are close. But this is new- Idaho built a Giant Potato and sent it over to say hello.

Idaho's Giant Potato at Collinsville's Giant Catsup Bottle

An excerpt from a local article about this exciting visit:

Collinsville’s 100,000-gallon ketchup bottle on Wednesday afternoon met up with Idaho’s 28-foot-long potato, and they went together just like…

The big fake tater is on its second tour of the U.S. since the Idaho Potato Commission created it for their 75th anniversary in 2012. It stopped at 1 p.m. Wednesday in Collinsville for obvious reasons.

If real, the big potato would yield a little more than 1.4 million french fries, or enough for 33,333 small orders of fries.

No problem for Collinsville.

If full of ketchup, the tower would yield 42 million single-serve packets of ketchup.

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