I wonder if it would even be possible to remember the many things that have happened in the past month or so…

Happily, just before I left for St. Louis on Tuesday, the Ranch was returned to its previous calm, placid state, when The Insiders moved to their new place in Tucson.

May at the Ranch

Interestingly, although having them on site was not a winning proposition, the net result for all was productive happiness, because they found a nice house they loved (and I presume can close themselves Inside Of to their heart’s content) and on my side, within an hour of their departure, as the light and air flowed back into the house, everything else clicked into place.

My friend Jay, who has had his cabinetry shop in my garage and been sharing the property with me quite peacefully for over a year, decided he would love to give up his studio apartment in the Dunbar Springs neighborhood, and live in the east room of the house (just past the fireplace above, the total opposite end of the house from my west-end apartment) and handily across from his shop.

And I decided that I would love that too, because then we could be sort of roommates, sort of not; I still have my completely self-contained monk-space, which I LOVE, but now I can also access the main house if I want to, for parties and photoshoots, and of course for the big kitchen.

And I could put the few things that simply weren’t fitting in my space back into the main house, but still use them. When my huge stack of shipping supplies fit, perfectly and neatly, into my grandmother’s dresser, in a way they had never gone in before, I felt the rightness of it all.

Had we not had the strangeness of the wrong tenants, though, I doubt Jay would have decided to move over, because he was comfortable, and I also doubt that I would have found the problems waiting to happen with the utility room, because that kind of deep work isn’t what you do when an existing property-mate moves into a back bedroom.

So the whole experience was actually made of win; everyone got their priorities clarified and then rapidly sorted themselves out and got  what they needed.

We can all let our freak flag fly, as the good Lord intended.

Sunset pool July 2013

I do think, though, incredulously, back on some of the moments.  Man.

4 thoughts on “catch-up

  1. You know, one of the ten thousand and one things I like about you, McKinnon, is that you are entirely adaptable. And when adversity strikes (such as the TenAnts) somehow it never is adversity. It’s reversity.

      • That’s my specialty…word mash-ups. Like serendupiter or whatever that was in advance of our first French trip. And yes, math proves the win, over and over.

  2. I love that dresser! I have my Grannie’s dresser, wardrobe and Grandad’s wardrobe too. They are a matching set made by a man called Ed Rosenstengel, in the Fortitude Valley of Brisbane Australia. His style is really quirky. If you’re interested, examples of his work (from the late 19th/early 20th century) can be found here

    I am glad that you are feeling circumspect about recent events!

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