lemon cake and love

My breakfast of a slice of Miss Hullings Lemon cake was, while from one angle a terrible move, from a soul-place, exactly correct. The lads saved me exactly one piece from Evan’s cake, which was perfect.

It’s been glorious to see Bill. Admittedly he is gone already; off to Houston, home for the weekend (and I think he might even show up with me at the booksigning at The Bead Place in Fairview Heights this Saturday (it’s from 2-4, if you are in the St. Louis area) and then he’s off to Denver for a week for the big annual planetary meeting.

I’ll kiss him in the spaces between, make the most of them. I haven’t seen much of the boys yet, as I rolled in at midnight, and was still pretty sleepy when they left for school this morning. They’ll be home soon, and then will have to stand up to my squeezling, and fill me in on the last couple of weeks.

I spent the entire flight here working Ali Megan’s images. I especially love the ones involving the Barbie Coach.

Kellner Brown wearing  Kate McKinnon and Becky Pattowitz wearing Marilou Porth and Christina Vandervlist, photo by Ali M

Kellner Brown, wearing my Gaudi piece on his hat, and Becky Pattowitz, wearing earrings by Christina Vandervlist and a set of stacking bracelets by Marilou Porth. Photo Ali Megan.


9 thoughts on “lemon cake and love

  1. Delicious. I thought of you last weekend when I chose to make a lemon-loaf type cake for a party. It was super lemony, moist and delicious, and I will make it again sometime. Glad you’re getting some family time.

  2. What a perfect movie still! I love the opposite crossings of the tree and tree shadow against the BC, punctuated by that fabulous dent or trailer tongue, whichever it is. I also love fall light and off-camera flashes. Bravo!

  3. Lemon cake for breakfast! Yum :-) You earned that for sure after your mammoth photo session and putting up with the shut ins :D

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