After yesterday, a day in which Many Things Happened, I’ve reached saturation.

It feels like this incredible light on Becks, in this photo from yesterday’s shoot. If there were any more lumens, we might all simply melt.

Becks wearing Robin and Karen, by Ali Megan

My head and heart and calendar are so full that they are spilling on the floor around me. I’ll spend the day doing small things, sending beadwork home, packing, trying to be quiet inside and let it all settle in.

I head to St. Louis tomorrow, and greatly happy about it. I need to twine with Bill; we balance each other, especially when one of us needs to reach things on really high shelves, if you know what I mean. It’s important to have someone at your back. And we are both reaching right now.

Here are a few sample shots from yesterday… with of course many more to come later.

Becks wearing Kat Oliva by Ali Megan

Kellner Brown by Ali Megan wearing B Briggs

Becky Pattowitz, wearing beadwork by Patricia Wren, photographed by Ali Megan. Tucson, AZ


Models, Becky Pattowitz and Kellner Brown, photo Ali Megan, beadwork by Robin Douglas (blue collar), Karen Beningfield (orange and white Horned bracelet), Kat Oliva (Fortuneteller Bangle), Barbara Briggs (necklace) and Patricia Wren (gold-banded Caldera Bangle).

8 thoughts on “overflow

  1. It’s all completely stunning…it seems the light couldn’t have been more perfect. The beadwork is divine.

    • The light was indeed spectacular, and Ali Megan took good advantage of it as it danced out of the day, but she worked her magic in full blazing Death Ray sunlight as well, as Kyle is wont to do. WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE!!!!!

  2. Speaking as the “mother” of one of those pieces, I’m delighted with the way they are being shown… so many of them are gorgeous art pieces with a life of their own, needing no other function… but they are after all jewelry, and ornament, and it’s great to see them in that aspect as well. Proof of the engineering, in a way.

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