This afternoon is our last model shoot for the Calendar and for Volume II; I’m pretty excited about it. It’s tough work being beautiful, as any trophy wife can tell you, and especially so for those of us who are always running around barefoot with our hair sticking out in pigtails. I have been doing the many things one must do to be presentable/sleek for the camera, and veritable hours have gone into the air on the task. Anyway, sleekness is Bryan Ferry’s weakness, so all efforts will pay off twice.

What I am hoping in sitting with my models is that my happiness with and gratitude for this project will shine out through my eyes, because I’d love to try to catch a piece of that for the book project. It shone out of Gabri’s eyes in our first shoot, with Kyle, and our second, with Larry, and I cherish that about the first book.

Gabriella in Flame Cuffs photo by Kyle Cassidy 2012

Beadwork by Teresa Sullivan, photo by Kyle Cassidy, model Gabriella van Diepen

Kellner and Graham, both lovely as could be, are coming to be our dashing boys this time. I’ve been diligent about storyboarding this shoot, and one sequence I am greatly looking forward to is one at the chess board, with Kellner and I each fabulously dressed, battling. We will just keep changing out jewelry, props and outfits for a 20 minute span, fiercely playing chess while we do it. We should get some good shots from that.

When I texted him to ask “do you have any fancy dress?” he replied, “what period?” and I found that rather thrilling. That’s my kind of human! I remember saying, when they were all over here last time, “I only have room for ballgowns and books now!”  And I remembered the Bug-Out Bag of Trillian Stars, which contains chocolate, a flashlight, a ballgown, and combat boots. And maybe a space blanket. That’s what I want my life to be like. Exactly.

I’ve assembled some hilarious props for this afternoon, including creepy hands, stunt books (you know how the right book can really set a mood) and action figures. So… back to the delight of preparation, the freshly laundered white curtains to re-hang, the sweeping, the setting… and then, after lunch, the glamour. Our shoot is set for the Golden Hour; the cocktail hour, and we are assembling around 3 pm.

Wish us luck!

Dustin Wedekind would be here too, but it’s his birthday, and he is taken.

I’ll channel him as best I can.

Dustin Seed Bead Summit, May 2011

And then, fabulously, excitingly (don’t tell Miss Fish) Tuesday night I am in Bill’s arms, spending much of October in St. Louis soaking up my sons. Driver’s licenses, bank accounts, PayPal accounts; they are ready, they have declared, to structure their adult existences.

It feels like forever and just yesterday that they were just kids… and the Pink House was the family house and Bill’s mother was complaining in the diining room. How we miss her, so often, we miss her, and want to ask her what she thinks about something.

Evan and Liam in New Orleans, at Christmas, 2010

Time careens ever forward.

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