cool and sweet

It was the first cool day of Fall today. And it will likely be immediately replaced by more warm days. But it was awfully nice, in the 70s all day, and down into the 50s tonight, so I’m told.

I’m ready. I guess this is the first year in a long time I’ve been ready for the heat to break.

First Day of Fall

All day, there were puffy clouds. And a little breeze.

Good Morning Fall

This is the new view I have out of my fort-like kitchen. I used to look directly at my closet; now I can see this from my bedroom.

I’m loving it.

New View from the New kitchen window

I have seen almost no lizards in the past week… just one crazed, spastic Desert Spiny baby who behaves like a cartoon lizard every time he sees me. He jumps up into the air about a half an inch, and runs all four legs in wild little circles.

This results in nothing; he comes right back down in a little froth and runs away, but again in that cartoon way. I try not to laugh.

The Sky From The Lounge

It was incredible to be bothered by exactly no one today; stunning. I worked, and worked some more, and swam hard, and got huge done.

It was a particularly nice day for photography, and I hammered the CGB Facebook page with shot after shot of incredible beadwork.

The fall and winter light is so perfect for shooting… summer is kind of intense.

Kim Boeckman olive web 3

This is Kim Boeckman’s version of my Zig-Wing Bangle design, and it’s simply exquisite. I shot an entire tumbling layout of it, of course.

In every stance.

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  1. I keep thinking I’ve seen the most elegant intricate piece imaginable and you post yet another one. Isn’t it wonderful to realize the amount of creativity out there?

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