The weather here is glorious

Just beautiful!

Rainbow 70

Also, equally beautiful, Bryan Ferry, birthday boy.

Ferry Strand

As a gift to him, I ordered his Live in Lyon DVD. I found mine on Amazon US, at this link. I didn’t get the DVD/CD package because I’ll buy the music digitally. The sample that they released, a gorgeous version of If There Is Something, an old Roxy song, is beautifully shot and produced. I’m sure/I hope that he speaks French to the audience, why wouldn’t he?

Have a peek:

When not fielding phone calls (it’s been a crazy day for those, most odd), taking photographs, looking for lizards (have they all dug in already, because of the cool nights?) answering emails, or clinging onto this tornado of activity on all projects at once, I’m thinking delightedly of England and Spain (just five weeks now!) and of how nice it will be to see Bill and the boys even sooner- I’m headed to St. Louis next week.

Liam, Evan and Bill McKinnon, Christmas 2012


Liam, Evan and Bill, at Christmas 2012, Tucson

It’s Evan’s 16th birthday today, and how I wish I could squeezle him. We celebrated both boys on Liam’s birthday (he turned 17 earlier this month) but it’s not the same. I’m naturally hoping to get a second Miss Hulling’s Lemon Loaf out of the deal, as I only managed to nab one slice of the last one. Can you imagine? I haven’t let that happen before.

Bill gallantly says that “every visit of yours is worthy of a Lemon Loaf”, which is very kind.


3 thoughts on “The weather here is glorious

  1. Happy Birthday to your son Evan ~ I hope he has a wonderful day!
    I like Lemon Loaf, especially the one my Nanny used to make. Better than Lemon Loaf though is Orange Cranberry bread!
    {{{Hugggsss}}} for you and Miss Fish

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