Life is a series of successes and failures; today was made of win with whipped cream and unicorns.

I learned that the word reticule, which I have known as a small purse of netting, is also sometimes spelled “reticle“, which is inelegant, perhaps, linguistically, but refers to the netting-like quality of the crosshairs in a gun sight. Learning any new word (or previously unknown version of a known word) can only be counted as a success.

This came up because a girl named Jennifer said that I was the genuine reticle. It was a typo; she meant “article” but reticle was even better. I agreed, after reflection, that I am much like a focusing device.

Sinatra on set

I saw this great photo on Facebook today, and I am told that it’s Sinatra, on a Warner Brother’s set.

So. I have six more days of the Ranch tenants’ madcap consumption of energy and water. It’s fairly stunning. Thankfully, they are just here for the one month, because I can’t even think of how I would face up to this long-term.

It became clear almost immediately that we weren’t compatible; I love love love my smaller space, but I definitely need property mates who share my desire to use fewer, rather than vastly more, resources, and to have some kind of passing relationship with the outdoors. This past month has been very strange, to say the least, and of course it¬†will hang on statistically for a year, a series of crazed, unholy spikes on the water and electric bills to remind me of what a bad job I did communicating what “energy-conscious” means to me.

Live and learn. They found another place they really love, which is great, and I’ll find someone who feels as I do.AJ Reardon web 2

Beadwork by AJ Reardon; Green Hornwing

Our next model shoot for the book is this Sunday; it should be fun.

I’m working with a local photographer for this one, and have some great models lined up, boys and girls. It’s one of the last jobs to complete before I dive into Volume II layout with the seriousness of someone approaching a press date, and of course after the shoot I can send back all of the beadwork I’ve been hogging, other people’s work, work I made as gifts for others, you name it. It will all fly out of the door, and that will be wonderful, but also I will miss being able to play with it all.

And sadly, I have not had my chess rematch, but soon, I suspect.

I can’t wait!

13 thoughts on “focus

  1. I hope now you will post more outdoor photos! I love those photos of your yard and all the creatures in it. I have been missing them. I have been reading so much about Tucson’s water problems. It is stunning that people don’t put the two things together. Desert=water conservation. But they don’t. It doesn’t bode well for a future with water.

    • A lot of people come here from the Midwest and the East Coast, and just have zero concept of the water situation. It’s a huge part of our shortages. Yes! More outdoor photos!

  2. that shot of the Hornwing could not be better and the colors are so great together. (I must confess that is my fav. color so I may be biased) What lovely eye candy. Hoping the next few days with the tennants do not drive you crazy. I was viewing yesterdays post with your dress and all, my son (18) looked over my shoulder and said “who is that????” in a shocked voice. It was too funny. I told him it was one of my friends. Maybe I need to get some sexy clothes!

    • I’ll take that as a good sign about my dress?

      The tenants are very nice people who never go outside, so I literally never see them. They might not even be aware that it’s in the 60s at night now, open window, AC-off sleeping weather. They will be much happier on their own. I’m really glad they decided on that.

  3. I had one tenant, two tenants ago, who took 50+ minute showers. I spoke to her and she cut it down to two 20 minute showers a day! The more experience I have with tenants, the more specific I become. There is a surcharge for more water/power use in the contract. The pocketbook is a great regulator.

    • Yes, but if people don’t particularly care about what it costs, then it’s no regulator at all, is it? Water should cost the earth; but as it is it’s pretty cheap. A month of really stunning overage still only cost an additional $40; if you really love long, hot showers, for example, and there are two of you, that’s less than a dollar a day each to fuck Arizona sideways. It’s rather a bargain.

      This is part of the problem with shiz like corporate parks lit up blazingly at night. They can pay the bill, but that doesn’t mean that it’s sensible that they should be allowed to waste like that.

      • As an example of how surreal this is from the outside, I just got a text message from a neighbor- the AC is blasting in the house and it’s like 70 degrees outside. They were like, “WTF, have you gone mad or are you dead?”

  4. WTF indeed! This roommate thing is a bit nerve racking! I do like the idea of a foreign student. I am like the mom of the house, so can control that kind of behavior. Sadly, my foreign student suddenly went home due to a family emergency!

  5. My friend opened her home to students to try to make ends meet, one of whom she christened “face ache” presumably because of his inability to smile? Her garden was divine, but she called it quits eventually, due to the tenants taking advantage and leaving her with all the dirty work. Peeps can be selfish and dumb : they don’t know what they’ve got until it is gone. I shared houses for many years. It was MAD. i don’t envy you one bit :D

    • Oh, I separated the Ranch into two separate pieces, so it wasn’t a share, really, just like a duplex. It could work! I just need to share with someone responsible about energy consumption, because it’s important to me not just as an individual, but it plays into the writing of the Love Letters book, going lighter on the planet.

      And I know a lot of responsible people… I imagine that someone I already know will take the slot.

      It would be a shame to sell this glorious house just because I’m only here half time. Neither Bill nor I want to do that. But… it’s too much space for me alone.

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