the beaded world

Work on Volume II of Contemporary Geometric Beadwork progresses; beautiful works from all over continue to stream into my Tucson studio. This is a piece by Kathy Young, taking full advantage of the MRAW architecture.

If you are interested in the project, you might like the photo archive at the CGB Book Blog.

Kathy Young Fortuneteller webIt seems that not an hour goes by without some thrill; I’m getting up early and staying up late and I’m really enjoying the way that the work is spooling out in my mind before it’s even begun. This is a new thing for me and I LIKE IT.

I get another chess game tomorrow; the taste of blood is still on my lips from Friday night, and it brings out the wolf in me, but naturally I would also enjoy being conquered. I never get enough out of a chess session.

I might get two games out of Evan if I’m lucky, but never three, because I win too often and he strongly prefers to come out on top. I don’t know why I am so deadly at games, but I am, and it really cuts into the number of people who are willing to play. Weaklings.

Don’t they know that defeat is simply the prelude to victory?