Back home with Miss Fish

And my, is she pleased.

Miss Fish Happy To See Me

She was the cuddliest last night, sleeping in my arms like a little furry baby.

Everything is mellow in the garden- it’s hot, and the pool is swimmy. I’m catching up on mountains of work, email, photography, shipping, and dealing with other people’s pointless dramas, but other than that, I’m relaxing, resting, emailing. Happy.

Bill and I had a wonderful time, and this was kind of a big trip, because it was the first time we left the boys on their own and left the state. Of course we still had someone stopping by, and we were in touch with them, but still. First time. Considering the import of the moment, we were pretty relaxed. Here are some photos from the LA portion of our revels.

Zoos Impala

The last time I saw our friend Steve’s 1960s Impala, it looked a little fresher, but admittedly I hadn’t been to their house for twenty years. Shocking. But that is how long I’ve been on childcare- when LA science meetings come around on the banjo, Bill is the one who goes, of course. This trip brought back old times, of us being able to travel together.

The great part about this particular Impala is that it purrs like a dream- he drives it weekly and humorously his front seat has a little pile of notes people have left under his wipers… “Call me if you want to sell your car!” I used to get those too, when I drove a ’66 Mustang, all original.

I love their garden, and their black-finished plaster in their pool. I’d love to do my pool that way, but that only works if you live in a cooler climate (like LA) or the pool has enough shade in summer to not turn into a bathtub.

Red Chair and Pool

Canter’s on Fairfax got a lot of Bill’s business back in the day when he was a grad student at Cal Tech, staying up until all hours. Old School indeed.

Canters Deli LA

Our drive down from the Hollywood Hills to the airport was exciting, perhaps overly so (we got caught in a construction zone) but my favorite parts were the canyon views driving down.

Hollywood Hills Sept 2013

Well. MUCH to do here, including writing up my notes of my interview with Andy. This was a typical moment; after objecting strenuously (but good-naturedly) to my usage of words like “system” or “framework”, he leapt up and hunted for the correct Feynman rant about determinism. He needn’t have worried, though, I don’t believe our moves are pre-destined, or written in the stars. Not really.

He couldn’t find it (it’s probably in Volume 3, which I think is Quantum Mechanics) but he will.

Andy Ingersoll hunting for a Feynman rant

God, I love Andy. Everyone does.

I will leave you with a shot of an unlikely Prisoner of Love, in the old Sierra Madre jail (our chosen hotel),

Bill in Jail

and one of me holding the astonishing boot of the Largest Zeitzew Ever/So Far. Bear in mind that I am 5′ 10″, when you evaluate this for scale.

Kate and Jacob's shoe: The Largest Zeitzew Ever

I love you. Good luck with your day.

11 thoughts on “Back home with Miss Fish

  1. What fabulous photographs–the one of the pool is a KO. The Canter’s is, of course, as classic as Steve’s MMMMM-pala.

    • MMMMM-pala, you crack me up. It really was fresher last time. I was puzzled, looking at it, and then in a surreal rush I realized that what seemed like just last week was two full decades ago. And that’s kind of a long time for a car. It was a floaty, strange moment.

      I agree that the photo of the chair should be hanging in a fuckin’ museum. What a shot!

    • Don’t plan to be productive (not much table space, not many outlets, no Internet) or to sleep too comfortably (loud crinkly plastic mattress pad and only one way out) but if you can deal with that (and we could) it was charming as hell.

    • Snork. Also, PS, that boot belongs to their son, who is a freshman in college and still growing; he is considerably larger, taller, stronger than Zoo, and has MUCH larger feet. My God! He can pick Zoo up and carry him around, which was simply not an event that was foretold in prophecy.

  2. Congrats on leaving the boys! We are several years behind you but are looking forward to when we can get away for a weekend, just the two of us.
    And David gets notes like that on the VW from time to time. When I drove it I had people stop me in parking lots all the time asking if I wanted to sell it!
    Much love right back at you <3

    • I believe that, on your VW bus! It’s adorable!
      You know, it felt just like old times, going away like that, I am sure it will feel the same to you in just a few years. It was all very natural, and the boys were (we believe) well behaved. Although the DID eat ALL of the lemon cake. Boo!

  3. Bill is seemingly trying very hard to look sad behind the trellis, but he has that type of pleasant face which smiles even if he doesn’t smile. I love the aesthetics of the red chair.

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