… and now we’re in LA

And it’s groovy, and warm, and beautiful.

LA Airport

I’ve mostly been occupied with the mechanics of travel, the enjoyment of the boys, and Liam’s 17th birthday, and then more travel, as Bill and I flew to the coast. We flew over the Grand Canyon, and a mysterious solar array, and had a series of totally typical adventures, and have not eaten a single Randy’s Donut, despite the bad example set by Carter Emmart quite recently.

Randys Donuts

Sadly, although it’s otherwise excellent, we have no internets in our jail cell, so it’s catch as catch can for me. But we are having a wonderful time, and here are a few nerds for your pleasure.

Torrence Johnson, Reasonable Man:

Torrence Johnson at party at Andy Ingersolls

I love Torrence. I first met him thanks to the Galileo mission, cause he ran it and we were on it, when I worked at the Planetary Science Institute.

And here are Carolyn Porco and I. We were at a party at Andy Ingersoll’s house- I’m interviewing Andy for the Love Letters book, tomorrow.

Carolyn Porco and Kate McKinnon

I’ll see everyone again tonight, including maybe Ed Stone, whom I would very much like to congratulate on Voyager’s recent milestone. And, pleasantly, I’ll have Doriot in tow tonight, cause she’s driving up from San Diego for a writer’s meeting (we are co-authors on Love Letters) and to party like a nerd with us.

Good times.

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