Lovely book sale!

Good morning! Due to space considerations, I am sort of giving away all remaining copies of my metal clay textbook, Structural Metal Clay, my 2003 Project Workbook, and my 2008 Ring Calendar- I sent them all to Amazon, so that I could sell them at cost- $5 for the books, and $3 for the Ring Calendar. They are available with free shipping if you combine them with other Amazon stuff.

Help me move these last copies to good homes!  This is a one-time sale of the last copies in stock, so it’s perfectly reasonable to buy them for resale, if you’d like. Quantities are extremely limited- what Amazon has is all that is left.

Click on any of the photos to go to their sale page, and thank you!

Project Workbook 2003         2008 Ring Calendar

4 thoughts on “Lovely book sale!

        • Squidging! Yes, there are a ton of good, solid ideas in my metal clay books. It still astounds me how almost none of them were integrated into the Official Curriculum; I even offered them to Tim and Rio utterly copyright free- simple safety ideas like waterpainting instead of routine sanding, squidging, wet edge-cleanup instead of dry sanding… simple work hardening… I’ll still never quite understand why the field clung (and perhaps still clings, I have no idea) so stubbornly to bad ideas that would have cost nothing to improve. I’m proud of myself for finally having the sense to simply leave the field but it sure took me long enough to get the clue.
          ; )

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