Amazing Tucson skiesArizona is unspeakably beautiful. Just look at this sky! It’s what the Earth looks like from space, and lucky us, we are on the beautiful planet. Don’t you wish everyone would cherish our beautiful home? It was a full 360 show yesterday, with all sorts of clouds in all directions. I love it here. Have I ever mentioned that?

After a long day of work yesterday, I had a few friends over for cocktails; there was music and there was drinking and it was good to relax for a few hours.

I am having a confusing time of being deep in an ocean of work and trying to form alliances with people who can take on some of that work. It is never simple. It’s easier for me to form personal than professional relationships, and that is a fact.

Also, Lt. Worf is in danger of being steamed to death in his current location by the teapot.

Lt Worf in danger of being Steamed

And so begins another day of… of… whatever it takes to keep life moving. I have a lot of email to catch up on, so if you are waiting to hear from me, do not despair.

I am coming.

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