Incredible skies and a new lizard

I would feel remiss if I didn’t at least try to show you the amazing skies today.

September Clouds FTW

And someone new showed up in the Honeysuckle Lurk. I can’t say for sure if this is a male or female Desert Spiny… it’s awfully plump, but doesn’t have any mating colours. Knocked up teenager?

New Lizard! New Lizard!

Almost the last of the bashing around happened today, and Miss Fish is still sulking under the extra bed in the backfront room. (It’s the back room for me but at the front of the house. I hardly know what to call it.) The clatter was thanks to Monte, who stopped by to put the trim around the new door frame. I love the new doorway more than words can say. I’ll photograph it soon, when it’s all finished.

I’ve dreamed it since the day I saw the stupid closet (which was just a closet, but I always hated it with a passion and now I know why, which is because in my timeline there was a reality where the closet was gone and the room was full of light and I could walk straight through and see the pool…) and now it’s here. All I have to do is paint the inside of the little space between worlds a proper Haint Blue and it will be as I always knew it really was.

Those are confusing lines of thought. When we create things, in essence they already exist and we are simply revealing them. We could choose to clothe algorithms and ratios in beads, or not, and the math remains in existence independently of us. We can remove or not remove the wall that we have already removed in the future. We control and do not control what happens.

I think I’d better take myself to Electric Larryland this afternoon. I’ve become a bit… frayed. After I see him, my mind is freely floating on top of my head, and I’m back into one good form instead of tendrilling out in all directions like curly hair in a breeze. Most things need a little maintenance here and there to be kept nice and strong. Why should my consciousness be any different?

Acupuncture helps me prioritize, helps me make better decisions. I mean, realistically, my decisions are not much more impressive than the ones a toucan would peck out given choice of fruit per option, but whatever I can do to make them better I feel that I should.

I also can report that my horoscope this week from Rob Breszny said:

…”I hope you’ll be smart about the preparations you make in the coming weeks. This will be a time to prime yourself for the adventures in self-expression that will bloom in late September and the month of October. What is it you want to create at that time?  What would you like to show the world about yourself?”

And I say, that’s very accurate and that’s a very good question.
And I should give it some serious thought.