Shedding, various

Orangelina has been shedding her skin, a very reptilian thing to do.  I admit that I wondered why she was looking a bit dull lately. In retrospect there were clues aplenty, but I’ve just never seen her do it, so I wasn’t looking for it. I haven’t seen her in a bit, as she went into some disarray and is, I think, not coming out until she is looking fine again. But I did have a glimpse of her fresh new scales, across her shoulders, and they were incredibly vivid. I am sorry that I don’t have a photo of her, but I believe she has retreated to her chambers until her metamorphosis is complete.

Although I did not see O today or yesterday, I have had several exciting Alexander sightings; he has taken over the backwash fountain that Dustin built. I can’t tell you how happy I am to see him, and that he is so frisky and beautiful. Orangelina should reconsider and take him back. Their children are so excellent… they should have as many as lizardly possible. I’m sorry I didn’t have more of Bill’s children, but I was very busy.

To make up for the lack of lizard photos, let me show you one of the baby hawks. He made lots of hilarious sounds this afternoon, sounding more like a raven than a hawk at first, gronking at me. I gronked back, we chatted for a while, I told him how beautiful he was.

My Favorite Chicken

After weeks of solid hard work, I am ALMOST caught up from the generalized disruption, the HVAC Situation, the massive photoshoot, and the loss of my one remaining outdoor covered storage space. Almost. One or two more days of hard work should put me right, and one more week of even harder work should see me finished. I’m taking this seriously, and I don’t want to fit into this space with bulging drawers and no place to put down a drink. That isn’t what this is about. New boxes of work come in every day, and so the photoshoot is ongoing, but being caught up is the thing. And I need to get back to that.


Americans: Please email or call your your Reps in the House and Senate regarding your perspective on endless war, more war, war war, war.

Here is a link to the House:

and here is the Senate:

It just takes a moment of your time; democracy carries several obligations, among them are voting and expressing your opinion on serious matters like war to your elected reps.

4 thoughts on “Shedding, various

  1. SO happy Alexander has just changed ranges and not come to grief. With cats and hawks and hawklings around one never knows… my own cats delight in catching lizards, ours are the little slick looking blue-belly ones and unfortunately the youngsters who don’t run fast enough or venture out foolishly become cat hors d’oeuvres. Cat d’oeuvres?

    • I wrote a note to my congress critter Darrell Issa. I’m sure it will be absolutely ignored but it’s all I’ve got. I am against any more war and money making for the MIC. I feel for the Syrians but we’ve been down this road before.

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