Harder than it looked

Well. Most of the work here at home is finished, except of course for the putting away, the folding. If only I had a place to put everything away to.

The constant sea of calm in the chaos at the Ranch has been the photo table, pristine, glittering with beadwork that it’s time to return, except what I am being allowed to keep for the model shoot in mid-September.  I’m pleased to have a project that occupies me so deeply; it keeps me out of all manner of trouble. Maintaining the little world around the book is a nice tie to other human beings, too, the whole thing has a life of its own and I like that.

This is one of the pieces it’s time to return, a tiny little beadworked bowl from Catherine Russell.

Catherine Russell 1a web


Sadly, I still have far too much stuff, even after giving away half of everything I owned three times. This is very profound.

Actually, it’s a little more profound than I expected. Why did I do this, get so sprawly? Every other species simply exists; they work with what is naturally in place. We are not content with that, and we turn everything into something else.  I’m briefly whatever the opposite of uplifted is; dejected? If it’s so hard for one person to turn around their consumption, how could all persons possibly do it?

It’s easier to do than to say, in this case, and so what I can do is go through me things again, and give away some more of what I really don’t actually need (and things look a good deal more plain now that everything is in these three rooms) and keep working on doing what I can to change my own situation.

It’s nice to know that whatever problems I have right now can easily be solved with some hard work. I’m grateful for that.

Now, to work. If I have your beadwork here in the studio, you will hear from me today or tomorrow. The photographs are going beautifully.


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