Conjugal visit

Bill and I are going to CalTech in a few weeks (he did his doctorate there, and their planetary science program is celebrating 50 years of existence) and so we needed to pick out a groovy place to stay for a few days in the Pasadena area. Naturally, Bill found the most crazed possible lodging- we are going to jail.

From the web site:

“Sierra Madre’s JailHouse Inn is literally the “old jail”, located in the Historic City Hall in the quaint village of Sierra Madre. The entire space is about 200 square feet—we have been deemed the smallest [ and we think—the cutest! ] Hotel in the U.S. -since we can only accommodate two people at a time –  as we only have one suite.


This is particularly engaging to me, as my great-great grandfather, William Jordan Flake, spent time in the Yuma Jail for polygamy. While incarcerated, he improved conditions at the jail, taught the other inmates to read, and went peacefully back to his two wives after serving his sentence. He wore his stripes in parades in Snowflake, Arizona (the town he co-founded) proudly for many years.

Although I myself am neither Mormon nor a polygamist, I love WJF and am thrilled to be a portion of his posterity.

7 thoughts on “Conjugal visit

  1. Thrilling! I think that your Bill deserves the conjugal visit :D (love the title, you’re brilliant)

  2. That place is so cute. I love the teddy bear on the mantle and the dog table. If I ever go to jail, I hope I can take a teddy bear with me. The best thing is the trompe l’oei tiled fireplace. So cute. Yes, the title of the post was very funny.

  3. That’s the Yuma Territorial Prison, as in the 3:10 to Yuma….but you will have to excuse me, i have to catch that lonely train now…

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